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30 March 2030 @ 01:19 am
☆ This Journal supports yaoi, yuri and het. If you don't like then don't add.
☆ Comment to be added, especially if we have something in common!
☆ Random adds will be ignored.
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05 October 2010 @ 02:14 pm
Pimping post for

rc_homophobia site

mission statement

Kick homophobia out of football.

logo by prettyannamoon
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31 July 2009 @ 03:09 pm
Logs for brotcg

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25 July 2009 @ 05:49 pm
MOVED here

Please make all trades there
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30 June 2009 @ 04:36 pm
Axis Powers Hetalia CLAIM HERE

Some spots have been taken beforehand because I let my f-list have first grabs. XD; Not everyone is claimed, though.

1.) 1 claim per user
2.) 4 users per character
3.) You can take the code as soon as you claim, but please if I haven't updated in a while then look at the comments before to see if someone has been taken.
4.) Put 'buono tomato' or something similar in the subject line to show you read the rules. (That and to make it easier on my inbox. *fail*)
5.) Have fun!

Also, if I missed a country do tell me. I almost forgot Canada. *shot dead*

Italy: iroh_fancier, haircurl, subtlewhisper, thefieryone
Germany: vehira, dragonsflame713, bellzen, honey_delilah
Japan: oakland, ryoma_kun, itsukayume, sailorpokemon
America: chappuholic, xtiggzie, dara_rocks, peekaydee
England: kirkland, haro, tyne, haruka_sumeragi
France: crimsonetoile, t3hb33, midori_lover, tempestverse
Russia: insatiablegrit, kaworu_chan, isonaleash, bloodynewmoon
China: killabunnay, crown_of_laurel, etherealxlolita, loveanime18
Austria: halcyon_queen, sheraccoon, whitedragoninc, faye_naruse,
Hungary: pinkified, funga_fufu, trishpawachunyu
S. Italy: ishicat, xconquistadora, emorainbowz666, flamingsil
Spain: konimi, thecapturedspy, projecturzu2, crossdressings
Prussia: ryutsuki_sama, sabordefresa, duckduckwho, heavy
Canada: rokeru, kaiamara, czygood, pheonixcat
Lithuania: thegreatbl_sama, dogsdayout, shineofastar, russiaprisoner
Poland: sucrose2071, tealikemurder, sseidyloh, shutupred
Latvia: thecatepillar, orangeinsummer, sheepfood
Estonia: rokossovsky, luutamurhaaja
Belarus: soraryuu, psychai, bakamaru
Ukraine: desert_lemon
Switzerland: pommello, shey_kun, mega_otaku, xchigi_idiota
Liechtenstein: sirth_osiris, azurewhite
Finland: kenichi_bokushi, redstars
Sweden: yamazaki_inc, munesanzun_koi, mugen_sasorin, crimsondream13
Denmark: dj_mewmew, baranohitsugi, laughingsoda, souseki_naora
Norway: mireille_nate, tamensei, paraplyen, undertheseaside
Iceland: cakejunkie, princessarisa
Greece: muchluvtoyou, citiesinflames
Turkey: ally_music, darklogic09, katlovescookies
Belgium: killerpancake
Korea: osu_okita
Hong Kong: kokoro_no_uta, metallic_sweet, sylphiawings, tsumetaitsubasa
Taiwan: deidarakun, nchantedsakura
Sealand: darlingzombie
Chibitalia: ryzhaya_tapka, goth_batafurai, coconutalice, innoc3nt_sorrow
HRE: oneezumi, imacatlover, dicelees
Rome: octavius, bathshua
Germania: kasuzame, enai
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26 June 2009 @ 04:49 pm

I'm sure we all know what a friending meme is. In case you don't, its where you reply to the form below with your answers and people comment asking to be your friend. You also can look around at all the other people and reply to them if you want to be their friend.~

Have fun!

The Form

Pimp it!

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19 March 2009 @ 06:24 pm
Because my Intro post was getting too cluttered, LOL.

Click here to see my precious <3Collapse )